Eclectic in all the right places

Eclectic means you can teach me new things.

Eclectic means you have many different ways of connecting to the Higher Power.

Eclectic means you don’t have to search as hard to find cool things for your altar.

Eclectic means you can see the faces of the Goddess’ in many different places.

Eclectic means I know you probably have a book that covers whatever topic I am researching.

Eclectic means I know you probably have the herb or candle or stone or color of cloth I am in need of.

Eclectic means I know you understand my struggle for knowledge.

Eclectic means you can find meaning in a Voodoo ceremony, an Asatru blot and a Wiccan circle.

Eclectic means you see our similarities as beautiful and our differences as just as beautiful.

Eclectic means you can act as a bridge between worlds and soothe angry souls.

Eclectic is Picasso making Cubism in a time of Impressionists.

Eclectic is e.e. cummings breaking all of the rules so we can giggle at Dr Suess.

Eclectic is three black kittens, one gray and one white making a family.

Eclectic means I keep you anchored, you give me wings.

Eclectic means we can call each other a Tribe with smiles.

Eclectic means we can help each other to grow in new directions.

Eclectic means I can come to you with a new idea and I know you appreciate it.

Eclectic is a good thing.


4 thoughts on “Eclectic in all the right places

  1. Crystal says:

    This is beautiful. As a rather eclectic witch myself, this is just perfect.

  2. Brilliant! And yes, I’m stalking your blog and thoroughly enjoying every entry!

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