A mini rant

I am tired. I am tired of arguing for my faith. I am tired of being told that what I am is nothing more than an ego-driven delusion. I am tired of battling against stereotypes of dark and light, witch and shaman, bad and good.

I am tired and I no longer accept your definitions of my practice, my faith, my Gods, my relationships.

I am a shaman. I was made a shaman through the intervention of the Gods and it almost killed me. No, that doesn’t make me a wannabe or a poor little white girl. I am oath-bound to Hel and Angrboda and am an initiated shaman to the 9 clans of the Ironwoods. I dont make-believe. I’m not delusional. I am not appropriating a culture that is not mine. I am not interacting with human-created beings or jungian archetypes.

The journeys I take are real.
The Otherworlds I visit are real.
The spirits, Wights and beings I meet are real.
My Gods are real.
The relationships I build with them are real.

Deal with it.



  1. Cat says:

    Angrboda? Please know that I’m listening should you decide to say more about her and your relationship to her.

    1. lcward says:

      🙂 I will try to post about her when I am a little more awake.

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