Pagan Blog Project: Life vs Oaths: where do you stand?


For the majority of pagans, I think, life and religion are simpatico, running along the same forest paths, running towards the same goals.

But what happens when your lives are not aligned? Do you chose one over the other, placing more value in the mundane or in the vows you have chosen to take to the Divine Beings in your life?

What sacrifices are we willing to make, to step outside our everyday comfort zones, in order to seek the face of God?

I admit, I have too many questions, not enough answers. And my brain hurts from the life chaos. So forgive me for the blatant cop-out post. Step-child arrives on Saturday, wedding in July, sister moving in in the fall. I’m a little scattered. šŸ™‚



  1. ladyimbrium says:

    Well with all of that going on I’d say you have every right to be scattered! As for walking in both worlds- this is why I have such a close connection with Heron. Not only is he a local spirit (herons inhabit the local marshes and rivers like nobody’s business- they are generally threatened but locally quite populous) he is the embodiment of balance and self-assurance. One can in fact walk the shore and be quite content. Unless you really want to swim in the depths…

    1. Raan says:

      I love that! I have a shamanic friend who is seeing herons everywhere. I am gonna have to pass that along to him.

      1. ladyimbrium says:

        Heron is an old friend, and one worth having. He’s lucky to have Heron’s attention šŸ™‚

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