Bored and a little lonely, I scour the web for heathen or Rokkatru blogs. I’m looking for mentions of Hela or Angrboda, anyone besides the usual litany of players: Odin, Loki, Freya, Frigga. I want connections, to know that others speak to the same Gods as I. I’m not heathen or Asatru. I don’t do blots or festivals as modern heathens do. I am not allowed (by order of Angrboda) to contact the All-father. The only time I speak to any of the Aesir or Vanir deities is when Freya tells me to yell at a friend of mine cause he isn’t listening to her. I am only a lowly shaman devoted to the Deities who chose me. But still I seek.

And all I find is silence. There are blogs devoted to Loki and Odin galore. But none that speak to my soul.

I’m not a god-spouse. My devotion comes from love but I have a mortal spouse. I am a tool of my Gods, a bridge between this world and theirs, a throat to speak their truths and a set of hands to do their work. That devotion comes from comes from the simple truth that I owe my life to them. They rebuilt me, brought me back from dead when they didn’t have to.

So if I want to find more devotional work dedicated to Hela and Angrboda, it has to start with me.

Lady Hela
Goddess of deep death
Face of compassion and decay
Bless me with your work
That I might make this world
A little better.
Strip me of my ego,
Of that which holds me back and hinders your voice
Deep in my soul.
Show me the compassion and freedom of the grave
That I might turn my face to the living in your grace.
Allow me to do your holy work
That my life might be an act
Of devotion to the Whisper of Silence.

Death is compassionate. That’s the first thing that crosses my mind when I think of my Lady. Not compassionate in a “let me save you from yourself” kind of way, but in a very clear way. She truly does care about humankind. Most of us (and more than in years past) will end up at her door, begging for sanctuary. She sees life as a sacrament, by honoring life we honor death and by honoring death we honor life.

She asks us most clearly to live our lives, to strip away the things that hold us back, the illusions that rob us of our sight and our dreams. She asks us to approach each other with “dispassionate compassion” and the knowledge that we each suffer and soar in our own unique balance.



  1. Steve Tanner says:

    I have made close observations concerning the compassion of death in recent years. We took my father-in-law into our home when he began having trouble taking care of himself. He passed over six months later at the age of ninety. He was the last of his generation in his extended family, and most of his friends had gone before him. As his health failed and he could do less, enjoy living less, and was in more pain, he welcomed death. A few months after he passed, my mother came to live with us, she is eighty-two now, and she seems to be looking forward to her rest. When I try to imagine walking in their footsteps, I can see a practical compassion in death.

    I have also been studying shamanism and understand being a “hollow bone” through which Spirit can flow. This requires the death of the ego, of course. While I am working on this, I begin to see a different aspect of the compassion of death. Although I am not a follower of Hela and Angrboda, this post does speak deeply to me. I do hope you find others like yourself.

    1. Raan says:

      Steve, this reply warmed me to the bones. This past week has been filled with a lot of “Oh shaman cool” and “I wanna do what you do, teach me” but I cant teach someone what it is to walk in Her realm for 2.5 weeks and be put back together only by Her grace. Its hard for us, we few who sit on the borderland and watch the lives around us pass on as if nothing changes. You are right, ego death is often harder than physical death. But you are blessed and a blessing, all in one amazing package.


  2. My path is being too intense and too personal for me to write it on my blog. I made an article that speak of Hela, and yet I didn’t dare name her.

    I work essentially with the Jotnar. If you are interested in mail conversation I’ll be glad.

    1. Raan says:

      I would love that. My email is I am sorry I dont speak french, otherwise I would read your blog, but feel free to email me just to chat if you would like.

      1. I have an English blog 😉

        i’ll introduce to you via mail in the following days. (Or right now maybe)

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