When the Gods have their way with you


It was creeping up on midnight and we had finally gotten the drumming down and into a journey when I sat straight up off the couch, cussing at the top of my lungs. The feeling of being ripped open starting at the crown chakra and moving down my body was so weird and disturbing that it had yanked me right back into my slightly mangled, totally disoriented body. She had just wanted to talk, just wanted me to go speak to someone else on her behalf, just wanted my total undivided attention right there, right now.



Its funny now. I recognize the behavior in my own cats at home, I shouldn’t be surprised to see the behavior in a cat goddess. It was the power behind the action that left me shaken, disconnected and acting like I was drunk for the better part of 2 hours afterwards.

So what do we do when random spirits and Gods just really want to talk to us right then, right there? And how do we put ourselves back together after an encounter like that?

I have a pretty open door policy. I will speak to whomever needs to talk. I have interacted with Celtic Gods, ghosts and spirits, Luas, all on behalf of the person they are trying to connect to. Sometimes it is because the person is just not listening. Sometimes its because the person doesn’t have the ability to hear them (yet). Sometimes its because they have not been introduced and I can provide formal channels of introduction for them.

I suspect, long ago when there were many many more temples and many many more worshipers, Bast would have just contacted one of her local priests and communicated that way. I don’t know any Bast temples out here in the middle of the US, nor do I know anyone who has a modern worship set up and centered around her. I also don’t know any other shamans in the area who a) are in contact with the person she wants to talk to and b) have a pretty open door policy.

(And no, she didn’t mean to beat me up like that.)

So how do you put yourself back together? I was lucky, my friend is pretty darn good about slipping me back into alignment, astrally. That helped a lot with the headache, nausea and dizziness. We also got to think about the idea of invoking the aide of a Deity with traits that will cleanse the aura of the previous God/dess. In this case, we met a Lua who specializes in snakes. But what really did it for me was a shower. I don’t know if its a specific “cats hate water” thing or was a cleansing/grounding method that worked, but it really helped.
At least she showed me where I still have work to do.



  1. ladyimbrium says:

    Maybe it’s the cats hate water thing, maybe it’s the water-skin contact helps reconnect you. Showers usually help me. The other thing that helps me ground is strong black coffee.

    1. Raan says:

      Well I might have to do coffee. I feel hung over.

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