Reblog: When someone else’s truth rings in your ears

Reblogged from Adventures on the Dusken Path.

She has an amazing way with words, and this post is spot on. I don’t experience the Astral the way she does (obviously) but I understand the split personality issue of living two lives.

The Astral is dangerous. I know, I know. I’ve said it before. You know it, I know it–but it’s not dangerous in the way you think. In the external way. In the way of other shit being able to get to you there. (Well, okay, it IS.) But the most dangerous part of the astral–the part that should really scare you–is the Astral, the Hedge, the Spirit-World–the entity itself.

The Astral is like a slow diease, or a slow, internal decay. When it first snaps you up it’s all wonder and crazy magick shit and insane worlds and it’s cool. You don’t notice that the moment you step foot there, you begin a process of Losing.

The moment you go there, you Lose. You lose the comfort of not believing it’s there. You lose the ability to pretend you have just one life. You Lose a lot of comfort. And the minutes you there are minutes you’re not living here. You begin to lose time.

It starts slowly, of course. You barely notice, in the beginning, due to the newness, the excitement. You can’t help it. The Spider gestures at you, and you follow, because the mystery and secrets contained within are what you’ve been searching for forever. It occurs to you, maybe, the first time you realize you’ve been sitting in one place for 5 hours on this plane, astral tripping that entire time, and you have no idea what happened in between. It occurs to you the second time when you first realize you worked on entire day, talked to people, your family, or friends, and the entire time you were off mentally journeying and you have no memory of your entire day. It’s not on purpose. It really isn’t. It happens because something calls your attention there NOW, so you flip that mental switchboard, and you live that life instead for a while. But while you’re there–you’re not HERE.



  1. We so need to talk about it… I was breathless when I read her post. I think then that my article about “not-journeying” was wrong… and that I actually journey in another form. You may have thoughts about it.

    I don’t know if you saw my comment on her article.

    1. Raan says:

      Ill take a look later when Im not so tired. U should email me 🙂

      1. No rush dear, as usual ! I need to get back to your previous emails too.

  2. Raan says:

    Ah I see. Yes. I do that too, a foot in either reality, ongoing conversations. Yes, do email me.

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