Conversations with a God of Knowledge

(I am so tired, and disconnected and half in this world and half in the Other. And then this starts.)

We are more real in our dreams (aspirative) self than at any other time. Because time is fluid, and each moment is the now, the next breathe of our selves hangs in the air like the next note of an aria. It is yet to be but it is there, you can anticipate it and it drives the music. Our dreams define our purest sense of self, highest golden moments. When I ask you “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I am paying Homage to the best in you, the God/dess state of what will be.

Because we are always in an act of forming, like our next breath it hinges on our souls, we have an infinite capacity for forgiveness. The you who hurt me is exhaled in the past, the Highest Self is being born with the intake of breath, each moment is an infinite possibility hanging in the balance.

The seeking of knowledge and power is the seeking of the Higher Self. When one looks for the Higher Self externally, it becomes corrupted by our subjective vision of reality. When one looks for the Higher Self internally, the search proves as the spiral, always growing, always dying, always waxing, always waning. Each possibility exists together in the moment.

“Its the moment before the Runes fall to Earth. Each moment, each breath, each potential, is the moment before the Runes fall to Earth.”

We are human. Its too hard to hold on to that potential of the infinite with each breathe. Its easier to move about as if this is all there is.

“Ah but you are human and mortal. You have the potential whether you remember it or not, whether you reach for it or not. That is your gift. The Runes are always about to fall. “

I’m too tired for this.

“Then just listen. And type. Humanity’s greatest gift and greatest curse is their imagination. If every breathe is the act of  becoming, then who and what you become is only limited by what you can imagine yourself becoming. Reality is subjective, defined and limited by the boundaries of the human mind. The biggest threat to humanity right now is that children’s imaginations are no longer lauded, stretched, polished. They are instead corraled and limited and turn out dull, insipid adults.”

(I lost contact there when people started waking up and interacting with me. You get the point though. I wish I could show you the pictures He painted in my head.)



  1. Steve Tanner says:

    The poetic flow of your words is evidence of your inspiration. The contemporary condition of human existence is evidence of of the truth contained therein. I wish you could show the pictures He painted in your head, also. However, you seem to have done quite well with your words. Blessed be.

  2. This text is marvellous, and the synchronicity is killing me.. it is exactly what I am “working on” lately. The power of the present and the power of being…

    1. Raan says:

      Im glad you like it, its been a weird few weeks w/ random and not so random Gods pounding around in my skull.

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