I try to pay attention when the Universe keeps putting some idea in front of me. I opened my email this morning to these messages:

“Life is no more or less than what we make it.

What will you make today?

Things change because we call forth that change. What will you call forth? Focus on what you want and keep on focusng, softly, easily, joyfully. Choose one focus. And be prepared to smack the ball wth all your might when it’s time.

Nourishment is the ultimate ecological idea. I eat you and you eat me. Study natural nourishment and the keys of the universe are yours.

Green blessings go on and on.



Opening to the world begins to benefit ourselves and others simultaneously. The more we relate with others, the more quickly we discover where we’re blocked. Seeing this is helpful, but it’s also painful. Sometimes we use it as ammunition against ourselves: we aren’t kind, we aren’t honest, we aren’t brave, and we might as well give up right now. But when we apply the instruction to be soft and nonjudgmental to whatever we see at this very moment, the embarrassing reflection in the mirror becomes our friend. We soften further and lighten up more, because we know it’s the only way we can continue to work with others and be of any benefit in the world. This is the beginning of growing up.”   Pema Chödrön


Its all about the growth and the sacred act of Becoming.