Why I eat dandelion greens off my front lawn, barefoot, in the rain

I want to be in right relationship with the world.

These plants around us provide us with everythingwe need to survive on a daily basis, our food, water, air, house, clothing. I want to know them by name, like an old friend would. I want to be able to greet them each day, treat them with reverence. I want to teach my children to touch them softly and hear their voices on the wind. I want to know what relationship that plant has with my body when I feel it, smell it, consume it. I want to be able to tell you why that carrot is so good for us, not because some book or TV doctor tells us its important, but because its a part of me and I am a part of it.

I want my food to be more than something that is microwaved or boiled. I want it to be a part of my cycle.

Thats why I will always be the crazy barefoot woman eating greens off her front lawn in the rain, watching the cars drive by, staring back at her in the dusk. That moment is the most whole, when I know who I am and I know the dandelion greens beneath my fingertips in the dark.

Or clovers. Depends on the season and how often my husband mows.


This moment,

this one right here,

this moment when you are kneeling on the floor in tears,

defeated, hopeless, destroyed, unable to see a way up or out,

this is your truest moment.


This is your moment of growth.

This is your moment of fire, of passion, of new, of creation, of destruction,

of ripping down walls, burning down buildings,

razing old ideas and visions of yourself to the ground.

This is your forest fire.


These are your Holy Ashes.

Anoint yourself, rend your clothing, weep and wail.



This is your moment of pain and new growth.