A random break in the usual to push a cause that is close to my heart


For the last year, my Wiccan group, The Order of the Red Grail, has been meeting in park shelters, random backyards, and anywhere we can find space. The local UU, where we would usually meet, has been under construction for renovations, and their makeshift home with the Methodists was not pagan-friendly. This has really made us aware of how much we need our own space, and we have decided to start an Indigogo campaign to crowdfund this. We are looking to create a landscape and retreat that would benefit the entire pagan community of the Midwest.

Any donation, even if it is just a dollar, will help us tremendously in our goal. The other way you can help us is by spreading the message through facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blogs and any other way you have to reach the wider pagan community. Feel free to reblog this post. Pagan land in any part of the country allows the entire population to be one step closer to freedom and protection.

Here is the official link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-red-grail-spiritual-retreat-center