Breaking the Narrative

I read a really great post by Twisted Rope this morning. You can see her work here and the original post here. The point of this is simple: what do we do when the Gods are asses? I am going to try a simple response as a pseudo-heathen and as a shaman.

The answer is simple: you say no. And yes, before you ask, we DO have the right to say no. We work with the Gods, not for them. Unless you have specifically stated you are a servant or a slave of that God, we do have the right to say no. I say no all the time, no to being a godspouse, no to being someone else’s worker, no to working with individual humans when their Gods request it of me. Sometimes I say no because I have made a choice to respect my own Gods’ requests. Sometimes I say no due to time or energy constraints. Sometimes I say no because they are an asshole.

Having the Gods pester you doesn’t automatically make you a better person or more special, just like being a boss doesn’t automatically make you less of a moron. It just gives you more work.

I feel very blessed. My Goddess, Hel, is busy, which means she lets me make choices and doesn’t pester me 24/7. She also doesn’t waste time or energy on chaos, if she tells me to do something it is because it needs doing. I also work with the Norns and have the ability to see a little bit farther into the future if I choose. I don’t do that very often, I prefer to give people their privacy, but if need be its there. I have interacted with deity that I have had to say no to, including some big names on the scene at the moment. I said no to Loki. I said no to Odin. I’ve turned away more than one Celtic deity, including the Morrigan. I’ve also banned Bast from my sphere of existence.

If you have ever been a supervisor, you know these simple truths. Humans work harder when its our choice. We do better when we are invested in the outcome. We will put more effort into something if we think it was our idea.

Yes, the Gods have farther sight than us, but they need us for a reason. They need to learn to work with us again.