Once is an occurrence.
Twice is a coincidence.
Three times is a message and I need to pay attention.

So what is the message in 3 dead robins in as many weeks?



  1. orianamoon says:

    At one point in my early days as a witch after a gathering where there was a workshop on roadkill, I had decided that I wouldn’t ever need that. I kept seeing these little owls on the side of the road, every time I went to town. After about 2 weeks, I stopped, got out and took it home. I didn’t see any more owls after that. I decided that maybe roadkill was not to be ignored and indeed, it seemed that spirit gifted me with a spirit animal at initiation time, until I had my 3rd degree. This all came about because I needed to learn somthing….Is there something you need to learn?

    1. Raan says:

      I have had a spirit totem for a long time now. I’m just tired of the death part.

  2. S.C. Tanner says:

    Not long ago you wrote a post asking for help in making a decision. I responded by asking you what the Mother Bird would do. You did not seem to understand the question. This post makes me wonder if you made the best decision in that matter.

    1. Raan says:

      I had decided to leave my leadership position but stay connected as a spiritual priestess. I’m not sure the 2 are connected as I’m so connected to death. But your comment made me shiver. Mother bird pushes them out of the nest but keeps a close eye on them as they are learning. Any thoughts?

      1. S.C. Tanner says:

        You obviously discerned the meaning of my response, although I do not recall you posting anything indicating that. Your description of the situation at that time suggested that some people were trying to use you to avoid taking responsibility for walking their own paths. Nobody can walk the path of another, and this would have become a tremendous burden upon you.

        I recalled older posts of yours that related your difficulties with motherhood. I was concerned that this might cause you to succumb to their appealing requests. Your response here demonstrates your ability as a shaman to make decisions for the benefit of your community regardless of your personal feelings. I would now think this matter unrelated, except for your shiver.

        Perhaps you need to examine how you watch over them? Do you allow them to learn about themselves and their own paths through exploration (trial and error) or are you like a doting mother who is quick to help them up and brush them off? How many shades of grey are there between the two extremes? Perhaps you find the proper balance with most, but there may be a few that you are more protective of?

        Only you can assess the possibilities in this matter, and your guide(s) would be a better resource. Because nobody can walk the path of another, you may not want to discount the possibility that the 3 dead robins are unrelated – despite what I have written. How much do you trust your own shivers?

        I can only hope this discussion helps you discern these matters. I will also remember you in my ministrations. Blessed be.

      2. Raan says:

        I appreciate the feedback, it helps me feel more sane. 😀 I don’t always put the pieces together at the time but I recognize the sound of them falling into place. A friend of mine recounted a story of rescuing a screech owl and asked if I thought it was an omen. It wasn’t until later that I understood the message, that a friend of ours who is moving up in the coven has her roots but we need to help her grow her wings.

        I also realize I haven’t been speaking about the biggest upheaval in my life. Yes, the changing of NHU leadership etc is a big change, but I am a Scorpio and pretty well grounded and no nonsense about my counseling approach. I mentioned three dead robins in three weeks. Three weeks ago, I was given an “upgrade” by my Gods. Three weeks ago I foresaw a death that came true. (Those are two separate occurrences. The upgrade happened and then I foresaw.) I knew who was going to be affected and I couldn’t stop it from happening. I haven’t spoken about it because I don’t want to scare people, being a death oracle is something that no one is writing or talking about. And then my best friend’s dog died. And someone else died. So when the baby bird died on Sunday I thought the message might be a part of that, or that he died in my hands because he was going to die anyway and They gifted me with the experience.

        Is it a message about motherhood and pampering? I just don’t know and Hel makes me do the work on my own to find the answers. I have given up on my dream of birthing a child, I have a 15 year old who needs a mother and the closer I walk with Death the less likely it is that I can support life.

        This is one of those times where its all too big and I feel so small. I write about it in case someone else is going through something similar and needs to know they are not alone. I’m trying to find the balance so I don’t burn out.

      3. S.C. Tanner says:

        You also need to know that you are not alone. I initially hesitated to respond to the 3 Dead Bird post because my response depended too heavily on the rational mind. I finally responded because I felt something within compelling a response. Now, it seems that you needed to know that you are not alone.

        My wife was a death oracle, also. I use the word “was” because she frightened people at an early age and was taught to suppress this. I believe she still is a death oracle, but years of repression are difficult for her to overcome. She speaks little of this, and only to me when she does.

        Her father died in her arms a few years ago (a natural death.) It was traumatic for her until a priestess noted that she had midwifed her father out. When she remembered that her father was the first to hold her when she was born, and realized that she was the last one to hold him, she found the blessing in a very traumatic event.

        I had a child at a very young age. It was impossible to imagine what kind of life the mother and I could possibly provide for the child, so we put it up for adoption. I can sort of empathize with women who aborted a child to only find out later that they can no longer birth a child. All of my children now are step-children. I am quite happy with and proud of my step-children, but that doesn’t stop me from wondering if I did right by my only natural offspring. However, I know that any regret comes from a selfish place, too.

        You are not alone, and you cannot deny yourself either. I sense that you have correctly identified the 3 Dead Bird issue… and quite easily once you were willing to accept what you know of yourself. I have no idea what practical use there is for a death oracle. Nobody wants to hear of their particular insight, and so they seem to suffer for their “gift.” Of course, you are only the second death oracle I have encountered, but such knowledge does seem give either of you the power to change anything.

        I would also remind you of the Hermetic principle of polarity. Death is a part of Life; it is not separate from Life. Birth and Death are like the opposite ends (poles) of Life. Your sensitivity to Death is not necessarily a reason for you not conceiving a child, or my wife would also have never conceived. There may be other reasons why you have not conceived, but being a death oracle does not mean you are diseased or possess the “touch” of Death.

        I have followed your blog for some time. This is because you are a fine person who writes about things I find interesting. Although I have never met you in “real life,” you are real to me because you write from your heart. However, I must now think of you as a sister.

        Peace to you, sister.

      4. Raan says:

        I am so glad u did respond. The fertility aspect isn’t just because I am a death oracle. My shamanic death experience was actually a miscarriage so it took the death of a child to make me who I am. My path is firmly tied to death and is becoming more and more of my focus. My counseling right now seems to be all about death and grieving and we are working on the idea of a pagan hospice as well.

        My high priestess asked me the same qtn, why, and my thought is this: it’s a side effect of everything else. I am very sensitive to energies and death is just another form.

        I always love your comments and feedback. ) it may just be online but it makes a difference to me.

      5. S.C. Tanner says:

        I feel the work you are doing is very important. It seems ironic to find most people are ill-prepared to handle death in a society that claims to be predominantly Christian and, therefore, believe in resurrection. It is a mystery to me, but anecdotal evidence indicates (to me) that your work is much needed.

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